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Grammar Part:

76 - You can still enjoy exercising …….. you are young or old.

     1) as                               2) whether                      3) since                           4) while

77 - ……… I felt really tired, I stayed at home and had a rest.

     1) As                              2) When                         3) Because of                 4) Whether

78 - I went to the beach ………. the weather was nice, but now I don’t have time to do that because I have to study.

     1) whether                      2) although                      3) when                          4) whereas

79 - Which sentence is grammatically wrong?

     1) since the weather was fine, we went out for a walk.

     2) Some people change their habits as they get older.

     3) I saw Peter since I was getting off the bus.

     4) When we arrived at the party, she was cutting the cake.


Vocabulary Part:

80 - Every time you eat food, your body does the same thing; it uses the …….. in it as fuel.

     1) calories                       2) chemicals                   3) cells                            4) nutrients

81 - Cut the meat into small pieces, each ……… about 100 grams.

     1) including                     2) weighing                     3) measuring                   4) handling

82 - She was so proud of her physical ……. that she had been able to lose weight.

     1) activity                       2) aerobics                      3) trouble                        4) breathe

83 - You can’t ……… the trains. they are always late.

     1) pick up                       2) get into                       3) depend on                   4) prevent from

84 - You have only one hour. You had better …….. your pen and start writing.

     1) look up                       2) climb up                      3) call up                         4) pick up

85 - I can’t believe that I am …….. going to university.

     1) deeply                        2) actually                       3) probably                      4) repetitively

86 - You could go there and back in a day …….. .

     1) increasing                   2) efficiently                   3) recently                      4) easily

87 - The doctor says to the patient, "No …… and lifting for at least three weeks."

     1) bending                       2) bothering                    3) creating                      4) releasing

88 - She …….. out her arm to take the book.

     1) stretched                    2) touched                      3) orbited                        4) rose

89 - It is the responsibility of the police to ……… us from the killers.

     1) prepare                       2) protect                        3) provide                       4) perform

90 - When we came home from our walk, we were tired but ……… .

     1) flexible                       2) extra                          3) happy                         4) serious


Cloze Test:

How long it takes you to become physically ..91.. relies ..92.. how unfit you are when you start exercising. If you are out of condition, you ..93.. can’t shape up in 21 days. ..94.., shaping up doesn’t do any good unless you plan to stay in shap, and that means exercising from now on. But the work won’t seem as hard after a while because your body will be in good condition - and all the moves will seem ..95.. .

91 - 1) hard working            2) fresh                          3) relaxed                       4) fit

92 - 1) in                             2) for                              3) on                               4) about

93 - 1) regularly                   2) certainly                     3) possibly                       4) briefly

94 - 1) furthermore              2) then                            3) since                           4) otherwise       

95 - 1) easy                         2) easily                          3) ease                           4) in an easy way

Reading Comprehension:

     There are several places in the world that are famous for people who live a very long time. these places are usually in mountanious areas, far away from modern cities. Men of ninety are fathers. They do physical work, have a clean environment and a simple diet high in vitamins but low in fat and sugar. The people not only live a long time, but they also live well. They are almost never sick, and when they die they have not only their own teeth but also good eyesight. The diets are similar in two general ways:1- The fruits and vegetables which are natural; that is, they contain no chemicals and 2- the people consume fewer calories than people  do in other parts of the world. these people are mostly farmers, their lives are physically hard, thus they do not need to go to health clubs. In addition, although their lives are hard, the people do not seem to have the worries of city people.

96 - What is the main topic of the passage?

      1) The secrets of a very long life                          2) The effects of physical activities on our lives

      3) The benefits of fruits and vegetables                 4) How to die while having one’s own teeth

97 - Which one is not stated as a reason of long life?

      1) Having good and healthful life- style                  2) Doing hard physical work

      3) Living in country side and quiet conditions         4) Consuming chemicals and vegetables

98 - The diets of people who live long is mostly …….

      1) high in calorie                                                  2) low in raw vegetable

      3) similar to general diets                                                                            4) low in fat and sugar

99 - Why does the writer think that the people in these places do not need to attend clubs?

      1) they do not live in cities                                    2) they do not have modern lives

      3) their lives consist of physical work                    4) they don’t worry much about the environment

100 - According to the passage, which one is not true?

         1) the less worried you are, the longer you can live

         2) As you have more simple diet, you are healthier

         3) Men living in cities can be fathers even in their nineties.

         4) places in which people live long are not rare.




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